How do you define full service reverse auction?

February 17th, 2012

A customer asked my today how I define a full service e-procurement reverse auction.

I’m sure that every solution provider one would ask might have a slightly different definition.

From my perspective, a full service solution provider should be able to create, execute and support all auction activity including but not limited to the following.
1. Assistance in selecting Auction categories
2. Market insight
3. Determine the timing of category auction
4. Identification of potential quality suppliers in addition to existing
5. Building on-line auctions
6. Supplier contacts and training
7. Execution of live bids
8. Trouble shooting during live bids
9. Compiling and communicating reports within 24 hours
10. Award and Non-Award notifications to Suppliers
11. Providing ongoing customer support
12. Monitoring Supplier performance
13. Feedback from Retailers/Suppliers
14. Analyze the quality of each auction

The above deliverables if not executed in a full service program will result in less than maximum results and potentially failure of your program.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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