Is the economy finally bouncing back?

February 22nd, 2012

After nearly four years, there appears to finally be a small glimmer of hope.

Today?s post is from Danielle Begley Account Manager at SafeSourcing Inc.

The past few years have proven to be quite a struggle as the US economy battles recession.? Nearly four years later, there appears to finally be a small glimmer of hope.? The Dow is continuing to rise and has almost edged past a high that hasn?t been reached since May of 2008.? In addition to the rising financial markets, the job market is beginning to become revitalized.? As a major culprit of fear and justified doubt over the past few years, the catastrophic economy of Greece and downturn economies of neighboring EU countries may see the light as a bailout deal appears to provide pseudo salvation to the global economy.

What could an upturn economy mean for your company; Increased purchases?? New Hires? Have you discussed new projects with your strategic sourcing partner in order to benefit most efficiently from a potential rising economy? If not, now is the right time to implement a plan to initiate new category expenditures, and evaluate if your service providers are providing the best value for the cost.?

A resolution in the EU coupled with continued evidence of an economy on the rise may be the jumpstart the US has awaited to bounce back from recession.? Planning in advance will greatly increase your ability to succeed in a thriving economy.

For more information on strategic planning please contact a SafeSourcing ?Customer Service Representative for more information.

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