Part I of II. New Technology: Helping Businesses to Compete !

February 27th, 2012

Today?s post is by Mark Davis; Sr. Vice President of Operations and CTO at SafeSourcing.

With so much new technology being introduced every day, how are you using it to help your business be more competitive?

Technology is not the only thing that makes businesses run: we all know that regardless of what our IT departments tell us.? Technology, however, does make it possible for businesses (especially small and medium-sized businesses) to do things for a few thousand dollars that would have cost millions just 10-15 years ago.

This two part post will focus on four specific areas where small businesses including startups can leverage newer technologies in ways that can help them be more competitive at a fraction of historical costs.

These areas are:

1.?The Cloud
2.?IP Phone Systems
3.?Dashboard Communication
4.?Virtual Staff

To learn more detail about these specific technologies and how SafeSourcing can help you find providers of these services for your company, check back with us tomorrow for Part II.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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