It used to be that when someone was Sassy or had their Head in the Clouds that we knew what that meant.

May 11th, 2012

Well at least my generation new what it meant!

In today’s technology driven world where things trend, based on how social they are, the words can be combined to mean availability, expandability or there when one needs it.

Of course it’s Friday and a lighter version of our daily post where we like to play around with words and content that is important but not necessarily as well understood by all.

Sassy according to Miriam Webster has several meanings such as impudent, vigorous, lively or distinctively smart and stylish. In this case this author would like our SaaS offering to be distinctively smart and stylish if it were being referred to as a Sassy Saas offering.

Years ago when we referred to someone as having their head in the clouds, according to  the free dictionary  it meant  guided by whim and fancy; flighty, flyaway, scatterbrained,not serious in content or attitude or behavior. Today when someone says store all of your information in a cloud based solution; I’m not so sure that most procurement software providers would like any of the above definitions.  This author does however have an affinity to having our developers guided by whim or fancy because if they were not, they would never try anything new and we would never be anymore than what everyone else is.

So if you want to know more about a very sassy SaaS offering with usage at your whim because it actually has it’s head (brain) in the clouds; give SafeSourcing a call. It could mean that you are distinctively smart.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments!

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