Is your freight company trying to pass on a base rate increase?

August 14th, 2012

If so, maybe it’s time for a challenge.

Today’s post is from Ryan Melowic Director of Customer Services at SafeSourcing.

With freight being such a large factor in your cost of doing business, any price increase can be painful.  Maybe it’s time for a challenge by executing Reverse Auctions to drive down these costs.   With SafeSourcing experience in this category, we can help your company control costs associated with this category. 

When any company indicates they need to offset their rising costs because of rising tariffs and other costs but also are reporting a  significant profit increase for the last year, it may be time to consider challenging them.  In today’s market, businesses need to be smart and well informed with their expenses.  Just because you have had a long relationship with a vendor doesn’t mean they necessarily have your best interests in mind.  It’s always important to research and shop the market in order to make sure that your current vendor is being held accountable.

SafeSourcing has tools that hold suppliers accountable for their business practices while also helping to save you money and improve quality.  Our Database of over 427,000 potential suppliers can help identify new sources of supply willing to bid for your business..  In addition, our RFI and RFP tools are used to qualify those suppliers to key buying criteria you have indicated as important factors in how you wish to conduct business.  Whether combined as an entire strategy or standalone these tools can collect and insure that you receive the best price for the items and services you purchase.  The tools mentioned above are available to our customers with no IT cost because our solution is offered as a cloud based SaaS where you buy what you need.

SafeSourcing would like to help your control your company’s freight and other costs.

Please contact a SafeSourcing customer services representative to learn more.

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