From your sourcing weather man! Monitoring the Cold from Afar

September 17th, 2012

Do you know what advantages you could have by monitoring your refrigeration systems remotely?

A weather man is just a prognosticator or forecaster, ours is better than most. Please read on.

Today’s post is by Mark Davis; Sr. Vice President of Operations,  CTO  and category prognosticator at SafeSourcing. 

For many companies the process of controlling and maintaining the working condition of the refrigeration in their facilities is a constant challenge.  For companies whose sites are spread out, this can become even more of a challenge due to a collection of different repair & maintenance companies as well as different processes for managing your equipment.

Today we will be looking at some of the advantages companies are realizing by allowing their refrigeration R&M partners to remotely monitor their systems.

Real Time Monitoring – One of the biggest advantages of a Remote Refrigeration Monitoring solution is the fact that conditions can be monitored and analyzed in real time.  Opening and closing of doors, energy use levels, and temperature levels can all be tracked and monitored for unusual trends.  By having availability to data real time it makes it easier to see when an issue is beginning before it  becomes a problem or before a normally scheduled maintenance visit can catch it, saving a company tens of thousands of potential dollars.

Mobile Monitoring/Alerts – As with all technology, the need to provide a mobile solution is becoming a key.  Many of the Remote Monitoring companies now provide their customers with the capability to receive voice, text or email alerts to their mobile devices any time the system detects a problem with the company’s refrigeration and freezer systems.  The combination of real time monitoring mentioned above and mobile alerts can prevent a major problem from occurring well in advance.  With many solutions, the capability of being alerted is also paired with Smart Device apps that can allow a user to open a R&M request immediately from wherever they are.

Historical Data – Data, data, data.  The best decisions made by any company are the ones based on large amounts of valuable data.  The more you know about what has, is and will happen with a project the easier it will be to determine how things have historically happened and what needs to change to improve that performance.  One of the big advantages of refrigeration and freezer monitoring systems is that they can track so many data points every minute of every day from all over an organization.  Armed with this level of information, decisions like which equipment may need replacing becomes much clearer as historical temperature trends can be compared against electricity usage and other captured points.

These types of features are why many companies have adopted remote monitoring solutions.  For assistance in finding the partners who can give you proposals and value propositions for deploying these type of solutions, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.  

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