Good sourcing practices are good whether they are green or not.

October 18th, 2012

I was rummaging through my files last night as I quite often do and came across an old article of interest titled...

“A Practical Guide to Green Sourcing” and it occurred to me that if you already have good sourcing practices, the journey to green should have been or could be much easier.

A Practical Guide to Green Sourcing was written by John Christensen, Christopher Park, Earl Sun, Max Goralnick, and Jayanth Iyengar of Supply Chain Management Review and published on November 1st 2008 (we all know what has transpired in the years since). However, since you are still here, the article is absolutely loaded with great information a lot of which should be just plain common sense. Oh yeah, I said it and agree that if oyu have any, you are not that common.

A quote from the article really says it all and is a theme you should already be familiar with if you read my posts regularly. It is as follows. “Green sourcing can help in two important ways. It can help companies improve their financial results, allowing them meet their cost reduction goals while also boosting revenues. It can also contribute to a better public image and reputation with the company’s stakeholders.” In essence this one quote supports triple bottom line accountability or TBL. However if you replaced the word green at the beginning of the quote with the following it still works

1. Efficient
2. Well thought out
3. Strategic
4. A refocus on your
5. Reviewing your
6. Best Practices
7. SaaS based
8. Off shore
9. Near shore

I’m sure you can add another dozen to this list pretty easily. I hope you will read the entire article. It may be your company’s first step towards a more successful 2013 procurement plan.

If you’d like help defining your (insert any of the above) 2013 sourcing plans, please contact a SafeSourcing customer services representative.

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