What differentiates SafeSourcing from other Solution Providers?

May 24th, 2013

How would you answer this question from one of your prospective customers?

Today?s post is by Ron Southard, CEO at Safesourcing.

I was speaking with a prospect today that has a great deal of experience in the procurement space, in particular the e-procurement space.? I was discussing the process that we use in order to source a category at a high level which follows six well defined steps.? Although we believe adhering to this process allows us to run high quality eRFX events, our prospect offered that these are pretty standard steps adhered to by most solutions providers in this space.? So what else makes you different was the follow up question. I could have bragged about our SafeSourceIt? Supplier Database or some of the unique features included in our SafeSourceIt? tool set. I might have event mentioned the? other members of the SafeSourcing? Procure to Pay product family like SafeSurvey?,? SafeDashboard?, SafeDocuments?,SafeContract?, SafePO? or SafeCatalog?. However that?s not the answer I gave. In fact I answered the question almost immediately. The answer was and is our People. Our people are simply the best.? Our team is made
up of project managers that come from a variety of industries, and they are supported by a Procurement Center of Expertise or CEO that have specific category expertise in Retail, Healthcare, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture and a variety of other areas necessary to insure that our strategies and execution are spot on.

At the end of the day, a lot of people can swim but not everyone is Michael Phelps. Lots of people can play basketball but not everyone is Michael Jordon. Millions of people play golf, but there is only one Tiger Woods. People make a difference. Or better yet people make the difference. I?ll put ours up against any solution provider. That?s why our customers and suppliers have had the following to say.

1.??No one else will do the things that you do to help us.?
2.??We would not be where we are with our Indirect Spend if it were not for SafeSourcing.?
3.??The entire experience was very well planned and the tool was easy to use.?
4.??SafeSourcing is a great business partner with terrific customer service and software.?

We?ll impress this customer as well.

If you?d like to learn more about us, please contact a Safesourcing customer services representative.

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