You call that “Customer Service”?

June 5th, 2013

There’s no doubt you've been on the receiving end of lousy/bad customer service a time or two!

Today’s post is from our newest customer services manager Dennis Nicoletti

Today’s post is by Dennis Nicoletti, Manager of Customer Service at SafeSourcing. Dennis wants to know if you’ve ever been told “I am sorry, but there is nothing else I can do.” 

There’s no doubt you’ve been on the receiving end of lousy/bad customer service a time or two. You’ve come to a company with questions only to be told by a monotone voice to press this or click that until you arrive once again to your starting place with no help at all. Or worse, you’ve reached some uncaring CSR (Customer Service Representative) who calls you by name but delivers nothing to address your concerns or answers your question(s) satisfactory.
Back in the day…you were raised with basic good manners and along the way ever joined a service group, like the scouts or 4-H (do you remember?), then you’ve got the groundwork for providing excellent customer service. The foundation you need is one of courtesy, caring and an attitude that lets your customers know that you they matter-and that you care. There are skills and technologies that can help you put it all into practice.

Making the most of every opportunity – Whatever your company does, no matter how you do it, you make a promise to each and every customer that darkens your door. The consumer pays you something, and you promise to provide a product or a service. There are multiple pledges of benefits and quickness. Customer service involves living up to your word on these matters, but it really shines when something goes wrong.

The table has turned – Now you find yourself on other side of the equation. You own a business or you manage a department and you want your customers to be happy, to come back for more products or services, and even more importantly; tell others great things about your company. So what should you do?

Mistakes are opportunities — An unhappy customer will become a loyal consumer if you fix his/her complaint and do it quickly. Eighty percent (80%) of these folks will come back to you if you’ve treated them fairly. That percentage rises even higher if you respond immediately.

Aligned Sales and Service Departments – At SafeSourcing we created the framework for our company to keep sales and service closely tied together. Each department shares in the goal of excellent customer service. Authority to resolve problems is what people need to keep customers happy.

If you’re procurement team is searching for the right company to treat you with great importance while helping you to reduce costs, you need not go any further. We at SafeSourcing are committed to helping our customers and can assist you by explaining our strategies for assisting departments that historically have not wanted outside “help.”  For more information on these strategies or on our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.  We have an entire customer services team waiting to assist you today.  We look forward to your comments. 

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