Best practices in executing a Security Guard eProcurment event?

July 30th, 2013

Today we’ll discuss some key factors involved in executing a Security Guard eProcurment event.

Today’s post is by Ryan Melowic; Assistant Vice President of COE at SafeSourcing.

The category of Security Guards can be very complex when working with a national host with many locations.  However, it is manageable as long as you follow these suggestions below.

First and foremost, it is extremely important that you determine a baseline for each location requiring guard service.  This baseline should consist of total average hours by job title per week, billable rate by job title, average pay rate by job title and average upcharge by title.  This data will allow your company to understand the current environment and create a basis for comparison once bids are received.

The second step would be to create specification documents.  A  SOW (Statement of Work) will also be required for each job title.  A clear understanding of the training that will be involved for new vendors as well as the employee benefits that will be offered.  This is extremely important because it wouldn’t be very advantageous to declare savings in an eProcurment event if vendors are skimping on training and benefits. 

Third, finding quality vendors who know the industry and can service your company on a regional or national level is important.  Although there are a lot of vendors in this category there are maybe a couple of handfuls of vendors that can service a customer with many national locations.  Therefore, providing the vendors a list of locations and having them indicate what locations they can service is critical

Finally, the way the data is reported back to the host after the eProcurement event will determine how quickly the awarded programs can be contracted and rolled out.  A view of the data that provides an analysis of what your company could save by simply remaining with the incumbent to a more aggressive analysis as to maximum savings.   There may even be an analysis of the data that suggests a hybrid approach between the two scenarios.  Whatever way you chose to go with the award, just remember to have a good baseline mentioned earlier.  Otherwise making an award decision will be next to impossible.

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