Have you ever sourced hand dryers?

September 17th, 2013

I’m sure you have, but if not read on as to why it’s a good idea to support handwashing.

What’s the most cost effective action that companies of all types and sizes can take to help reduce the number of food born or airborne illnesses?

This can be a simple statement posted in your building washrooms and reflected in your company’s socially responsible language.

I was reading USA TODAY (I do this every day). I love their Snapshots at the bottom of each section. This front page USA TODAY Snapshot was titled Has news coverage on airborne/foodborne illnesses prompted you to wash your hands more by Rachel Huggins and Veronica Bravo.  The snapshot sites Bradley Corps Healthy Hand Washing Survey and indicates that 54% of those surveyed said NO and 46% said YES.

Personally I find these results disturbing. Just think about how often you shake someone’s hand and then think about what they were doing in the 15 minutes before you met. Maybe Howie Mandel has it right by just doing the fist bump.

If the answer to this survey were 100%, it would be interesting to see what the impact on these types’ illnesses would be. As a result, this author will continue to write about food safety and strategies that companies can take to reduce them

Go wash your hands.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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