Facing and Overcoming Challenges in any Procurement Process!

October 4th, 2013

During every stage in any procurement process, you will have challenges and what feel like serious road blocks.

Today’s post is by Sarah Kouse; Customer Services Manager at SafeSourcing.

Below I will discuss some challenges that can take place with your client, the vendor/supplier, and also providing your client with overall results, as well as ways to overcome those challenges when they approach you.

Client – Challenges in all stages of the process can take place with your client. In the early stages, maybe the data provided does not contain the information needed or pieces of the data are missing. In the late stages of the process, maybe one of the vendors/suppliers is requesting information that you have to clear with the client. For example, if the vendor/supplier is requesting to meet with the client before they will accept to participate in the event.

Vendor/Suppliers – As I stated above, there may be a situation where a vendor or supplier refuses to participate in an event unless they can meet with the client. You may also have challenges with the way items are laid out in an event to submit pricing. Some vendors may price a little differently than most of the other vendors and they have a hard time developing their pricing for the event.

Overall – Challenges can take place in all stages of the procurement process and can be especially difficult when they apply to analyzing and creating the results of a project.  These challenges can come from many different sources but most have basic elements of planning, communication breakdown or incorrect expectations to begin with.

The best way to overcome these challenges is first of all; stay calm and maintain a clear head. If you get frustrated or flustered, it can cause you to not think clearly and sometimes make it difficult to make the best decision. Secondly, communication is the most important key to everything. If the communication is poor, without question, there will definitely be challenges. Lastly, know that there’s always a solution for everything. Sometimes the solution is not exactly what you would like, but with a clear head and quality communications, you can feel confident that the solution will be the right decision.

For more information on how SafeSourcing can help make sure your eProcurement event run more smoothly and produces great results or for information on our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative. We have an entire customer services team waiting to assist you today.

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