Why is the Unloading Category a Great Choice When Executing an eProcurement Event?

December 10th, 2013

Let's explain why the Unloading Category is a great choice when executing eProcurement events

Today?s post is by Ryan Melowic; Assistant Vice President of COE at SafeSourcing.

Many companies use third-party unloading services to eliminate the risks and costs of internal employees. These companies should work to thoroughly understand this category because there are tremendous opportunities for savings in it. Please let SafeSourcing explain.

The unloading services category is complex and requires a keen understanding of all the moving parts. In addition, there?re different load types, different units of measure and additional fees and they must all be broken down to properly take this category to market. For large companies, the level of breakdown that is needed is a daunting task.

When executing an eProcurement RFX for unloading services, gathering the pricing is the less complex part. Comparing the different pricing models for each vendor is the complex part. With SafeSourcing as your partner, your company can rely on us to do the heavy lifting of this category for you. Our experts have the experience needed to conduct a thorough analysis of your current unloading services category. SafeSourcing will then go to market and provide the analysis needed to show your company what options to choose to save the most money.

SafeSourcing has seen savings in this category hit the double digits numerous times this year. When looking at the amount of money that is typically spent in this category the savings dollars are large.

For more information on how SafeSourcing can help you with your unloading Services l procurement needs or on our ?Risk Free? trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.
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