Of Purple Cows and Procurement

February 4th, 2014

I?m still reading Seth Godin after discovering him a few months ago!

Today?s post is by Steve Schwerin, account manager here at SafeSourcing.

I?m still reading Seth Godin after discovering him a few months ago.? He has authored numerous best sellers including Purple Cow and the Icarus Deception.? Though Godin?s expertise is marketing, it seems to me that almost everything he has to say, in some form, applies to procurement.? You can read about some of his ideas on Fastcompany.com.

In Purple Cow, Godin puts forth the idea that in a world overrun with great products, the way to succeed is to be extraordinary.? This of itself is not a new concept.? How Godin arrives at this thought may have a bit more impact.? He tells the story of traveling through France with his family and being enchanted at a countryside filled with ?storybook cows?.? After a while, though, the family stopped noticing the cows; the once enchanting had become ordinary.? He thought to himself that a purple cow, on the other hand, would grab their attention.? Examples of the strategy driving revenue for cities is fairly commonplace; people drive for miles to see something extraordinary in their minds whether it is to Deadwood, South Dakota to see the spot where Wild Bill Hickok died or the headquarters of the Longaberger company in Newark, Ohio shaped like a giant basket.?

What is your company?s Purple Cow?? It can be a product or a service.? Can you build the extraordinary without an extraordinary procurement company?

We, at SafeSourcing, are here to help you build your Purple Cow.? For more information on how we can help you with your procurement needs or on our ?Risk Free? trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative at 888-261-9070.? We have an entire customer services team waiting to assist you today.

We look forward to your comments.

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