How Time Management Can Save Your Business.

February 18th, 2014

Do these signs of poor time management look familiar?

Today?s post is? by Heather Powell, Manager of the COE Department & Project Manager at SafeSourcing Inc.

Did you miss the deadline to renew a contract? Did you miss place a business card in your desk drawer? Working in the 11th hour on an assignment that is due tomorrow?

These are all signs of poor time management. According to the website Time Management Ninja there are 21 killers of time management and each one can hurt your business in various ways:

1. You are constantly rushing. From one urgent matter to another?
2. You miss appointments. Sometimes not even knowing they are happening?
3. You are late. And people expect you to be so?
4. Your reputation precedes you. Important tasks are given to others?
5. You forget tasks. Until it is too late?
6. You miss deadlines. And often ask for extensions?
7. You don?t keep your word. You make a lot of promises with very little follow-through?
8. Your workplace is messy. You don?t even know what color the surface of your desk truly is?
9. You spend all your time on last-minute fire drills. And don?t get to the important tasks?
10. You don?t get enough sleep. You stay up late on activities that hinder your productivity?
11. Your organization system consists of piles. And you know ?just? where you put that piece of paper?
12. Your notes are scattered across multiple systems. And even that napkin from lunch?
13. You pay penalties and late fees. Because you don?t get things done on time?
14. You miss opportunities. Doors of opportunity close on you before you act?.
15. The inside of your car is a mess. This is a great first indicator of your organization?
16. You don?t have that important phone number. Business cards litter your drawers?
17. You can?t find that important document. It?s here somewhere? (see #11)
18. Your email inbox is overflowing. It?s piling up faster than you can empty it?
19. Your ?system? consists of gadgets and software that you don?t use. But, you?re going to learn them someday?
20. You work during meetings. Because it is the only time you have to get work done?
21. You work long hours. Yet, there is always too much to do?

If you can associate with one or more of these you may suffer from poor time management and this hurts your business not only in revenue but potentially in reputation too. But don?t lose hope and throw in the towel. Time management is something that can easily be taught and practiced. Yes, Practice! Practice makes perfect!

There are programs, online courses, and even counselors who can teach the best practices. Tackle one item at a time, find your structure, and use it. One of the easiest solutions at your fingertips is your online calendar, task list, notes, and contact list associated with your e-mail system. Utilize those to structure your day, your week, and your timelines. Utilize them to prioritize your daily tasks. Follow your own plan. Ditch the floating business cards by adding them to your list of contacts and structure your contact list according the business area or needs.

We, at SafeSourcing, take great pride in the fact that we continually use our procedure lists and consider them to be a ?best practice? which has kept our projects on plan. This practice has rewarded our customers with savings they would not have otherwise attained and in the timeliest manner.

For more information about SafeSourcing can help fill in some of the experience categories or can assist you with spend analysis, or on our ?Risk Free? trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.? We have an entire customer services team waiting to assist you today.


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