The ?Elephant? In Your Company

March 14th, 2014

Often times an awkward situation can arise socially and financially for a company.

Today?s post is from Alyson Usserman, an Account Manager at SafeSourcing, Inc.

We have all heard the saying, ?the elephant in the room,? when referring to an awkward situation, but have you applied this strategy to your company?

Often times an awkward situation can arise socially and financially for a company. Usually, when an awkward situation arises within a company the first instinct to the employees is to ignore it. This approach has the potential to be detrimental to the company, especially when the upper echelons do not know that there is an internal issue.

Within your company the social atmosphere can be positive, upbeat, with a conductive energy for maximum productivity. But when this lags in the company the productivity can be affected by how happy your employees are. If the employees dread coming to work, seem unmotivated, and lacking then you may have an elephant to talk about. Addressing these issues within your company would be the best strategy to alleviate any issues. Scare tactics for the employees is not the best strategy because then your valuable employees that have a relationship with you will start leaving. When employees begin leaving you are then left to find replacements and working to figure out how to get the new employees trained while you still have a business to run and maintain.

The financial elephant that can be threatening your company is an extreme issue. If your employees are not happy and they are giving that over to the customers, then you will have unhappy customers that won?t come back. In conjunction with the unhappy employees they may not care if the company is successful or not. Meaning that they may not tell you about potential issues or red flags when it comes to the financials of your company.

These issues can turn your company down a path that it may not be able to come back from without help. SafeSourcing can help you determine the ?elephants? in your company by using our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact a Customer Service Representative.

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