Is an RFI your solution to the legacy product headache?

March 27th, 2014

How much does early upgrading cost you each year?

Today?s post is by Steve Schwerin, account manager here at SafeSourcing.

How much does early upgrading cost you each year? There once was a day when products lasted years, and there was little visible change in many industries. However, with slight changes in technology these days, the product which lasted years becomes obsolete. We have become used to this message from service providers handing over our older, operable product and our cash in exchange for assurances that the new product would be supported while the old would not. Certainly, it is often time to move to newer equipment along with everyone else in the industry, but do companies really have you in mind when they force an upgrade? Are you happy with your equipment which seems to last like a quality product should, but can?t afford for it to be out of service for any period of time when it does fail? If so, you are in a tough position if your long-standing service provider tells you the equipment has reached End of Life. There are probably excellent service providers who still offer support to your product. Finding one and being assured that the transition will not cost you more than just going with the flow can be tough. A simple way to address this may be with a Request for information (RFI).

Put simply, we here at SafeSourcing

? Identify vendors from our SafeSourceIT supplier database
? Derive questions from our knowledge of the industry
? Use our systems to provide the best execution in a timely manner

The RFI then sets you up for a successful Request for Quote (RFQ) in which the vendors, who are now qualified, can bid on a service that has been well defined. The result is often a short list of vendors who you can then interview to see which one best fits your company culture. You can award business not based on merely price, but with confidence that your new service provider is well suited to deliver the services they bid on in the RFQ. This entire process can easily pay for itself in a few months in which your legacy hardware remains in service instead of heading for an eRecycling bin ahead of its time.

Contact a customer service representative here at SafeSourcing at 1-888-261-9070 to find out how we can help you address your legacy hardware needs.

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