Want to get promoted? Eliminate these same old tired objections.

April 8th, 2014

Are you wondering why so many retail companies are still using the same tired excuses and not enjoying the significant benefits of reverse auctions today?

The following are the all too common objections we hear daily from procurement knowledge workers that both have and have not been exposed to e-negotiation tools in the past.

1.?We already get the best cost.
2.?We?ve done business with our supplier for years.
3.?We don?t have product specifications.
4.?We don?t have time for this.
5.?Switching costs will be too high.
6.?We can?t insure the same quality.
7.?We need to adhere to certain standards.

If you don?t feel that these benefits would support both corporate goals and underlying CSR initiatives, give us a call and we?ll make you a hero and get you promoted.

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