Are you ‘too close’ to your company?

July 18th, 2014

A lot of individuals become so involved and engaged that they aren’t helping anymore, is this you?

Today’s post is by Alyson Usserman, an Account Manager at SafeSourcing.

Let’s talk about Bob for a minute. Bob is usually a great employee, he comes in early and leaves late, he even works from home on a regular basis. Bob is usually the first to volunteer when a new project is proposed to his company. He’s invested in the company, and in return, the company has invested in him.
Bob sounds like the perfect employee. However, he becomes so invested in his projects that he overlooks errors, and red flags. Sometimes, he overlooks the errors with strategy that could potentially arise and sometimes says, “This is how we always do it!” He yields average results for savings and sometimes does not understand why a procurement event didn’t go according to his “plan.” His strategy is usually the same, and he often neglects to take into account the factors that are associated with that particular industry. He has no idea if the plastic index has risen or fallen, he doesn’t always have a good supplier base, and sometimes, his events lead to subpar savings for his company.

Bob is overly invested, and cannot see the red flags that he is creating for his company. Bob is still a really great employee but maybe he needs some help with a fresh set of eyes and strategy. Maybe Bob needs someone to point him in the right direction depending on the product or industry. Or maybe Bob simply has too many tasks and not enough hours in the day.

If Bob sounds familiar, let SafeSourcing help. We have an entire customer service team that can help with your procurement needs. Please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Services Account Manager.

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