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September 9th, 2014

This applies even if those boxes are now also made of straw.

Straw is now a new sustainable option for supermarket and food retail packaging in Europe.

Today’s Blog is by Ryan Melowic, Director of Special Projects at SafeSourcing.

Let’s take a look and some of the new packaging innovations and their impact on the supermarket and food retail packaging industry in Europe.

The UK company, ValueForm, has developed 100% straw pizza discs and plans to have them on supermarket shelves sometime before the end of this year. In efforts to move away from paper and plastic, ValueForm has developed this sustainable, but cost competitive product.

Typically, environmentally friendly packaging options are more expensive to produce and therefore come with a higher price point for supermarkets and food retail packagers. ValueForm’s products remain competitive in price and, in most cases, are less expensive than the plastic or paper products they would replace.

ValueForm can deliver their products anywhere in the world. They have also introduced a technology transfer license that reuses the infrastructure of existing paper pulp molders to convert them to using straw. This will allow new manufactures to improve the technology. The results could be new products and materials being produced worldwide.

This type of forward thinking will reduce our world’s dependencies on other commodities with more sustainable products. It will also reduce costs for supermarket and food retail packaging by creating a more competitive market for packaging products.  Currently, ValueForm’s clients range widely in size and in the products they purchase.  Products range from disposable medical products to supermarket and food retailer packaging.

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