Wow, what beautiful new refrigeration cases you have in your grocery store.

October 17th, 2014

Today, Ryan Melowic Director of Special Projects at SafeSourcing

Why companies need to add protection language in their agreements when purchasing new refrigeration cases for their stores.

I was at my favorite grocery store around four weeks back and noticed they had replaced all their refrigeration cases in their bakery.? It looked very nice and allowed all their bakery products to be displayed to customers when they walked in the door.? In fact, it made me want to purchase some fresh baked cookies.? When I returned back to work with the cookies I reached in the bag to grab one and it cwas a soggy mess.? Boy was I disappointed!? I had been purchasing these same cookies from this grocery store for years and never had an experience like this before.? It really made me think.? Here, this grocery store was attempting to replace their old equipment with newer and better equipment and? it back fires on them.?

Being concerned, I called the store and communicated my issues with the cookies.? They expressed to me that they were having issues with their new equipment and were sorry.? The grocery store said they would replace the cookies.? When I went back to the store a week or so later to get the replacements I asked the worker to please be sure that the cookies weren?t soggy.? The worker then went to the case to? and said oh my goodness these? cookies are? soggy too.? I felt really bad for this grocery store because they serve fine foods and I?d never had an issue like this before.?

Looking at the circumstances I knew what caused the issue, it was the new equipment cycling off during some period of time causing condensation to saturate the cookies.? Can you imagine if I were a new customer who had never purchased their cookies before?? This grocery store could well have lost a new customer.

The reason I share this story was with you is that when working with SafeSourcing, we are experienced with this category as well as hundreds of others.? We would have written protection language into the? statement of work agreement for the new refrigeration equipment.? The manufacturer and the installer would be responsible for insuring that the equipment was setup correctly.? There would not have been weeks of wasted bakery goods and any dissatisfied customers because of it.

For more information on how SafeSourcing can help you with your store equipment needs, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service representative.

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