Leadership Through Confidence!

March 17th, 2015

In your team!


Today’s post is by Michael Figueroa, Project Manager at SafeSourcing

If I had to name my top 3 role models, they would be:

• Elon Musk
• Greg Plitt
• Steve Jobs

I would choose each one for different reasons, but they each represent some aspect of the ideal self I want to achieve. Steve passed away October 5, 2011, and Greg January 18th 2015. Greg died in an accident during the filming of a commercial stunt, and in light of that tragedy it was difficult for many to understand why so many looked up to him. Greg was best known for his time as a fitness icon, retired Army Ranger, actor and motivational speaker. And while Steve deeply understood innovation, Greg deeply understood inspiration. Steve made people want to be him, but Greg made people want to be the best version of themselves, and he started with believing in those willing to follow him. Counterintuitively, believing in someone else can’t begin with doing anything for or in place of them; it has to start with equipping them.

Equipping someone means giving them the tools to do the job themselves. Have you ever tried to help someone, only to be resented for it? Helping someone who doesn’t believe in themselves or doesn’t feel they’re reaching their full potential simply sends the message “I don’t believe in your capabilities either, so I’m going to do this for you”. The defensive reaction comes off as being ungrateful, but if you look deeper, it’s actually a self-defense mechanism of someone looking for the opportunity to believe in themselves.  People tend to fill the expectations placed upon them. What I loved about Greg, is he thought you and I were capable of anything we put our mind and heart into, and it was evident in his own words:

   •  “Behind your every fear, there’s a person you want to be… When you destroy that fear you’ll realize “my God, what else was I capable of? What else has been holding me back?”
   •  “It’s not the guy with the greatest genetics who wins, it’s the guy who’s got the greatest perseverance, willing to fail and get back up again and again”.
   • “The hardest things in life are done the least but provide the most reward”.
   • “Give yourself 90 days to meet your goal, today is 1/90’th of that opportunity”.
   • “Time is the most valuable asset on Earth, a depreciating asset, don’t waste another moment of life where you are not at your fullest potential getting the most out of the time you have in life”.
   • “It’s the heart of a champion, not the ego of a champion or the bicep of a champion; it’s the heart that dictates success”.
   • “If you don’t check your pride at the door, forget about growing that day, or any day”.

Do you ever feel like you’re carrying the teams you’re trying to lead, instead of being supported by them? Equip them to do what you need them to, and then give them permission to succeed on their own terms. Most people will work twice as hard with a little autonomy, but do just the bare minimum to get by when they know their leader will predictably always swoop in to micromanage them one way or another. The highly skilled have confidence in themselves, the highly respected have confidence in the people around them, and the highly effective have confidence in both, because you’ll always accomplish more as a team than as an individual.

We’ve worked with a large variety of businesses, and love the challenge of becoming a part of your team and accomplishing your organizational goals together. For more information on how SafeSourcing can assist your team with this process or on our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.  We have an entire customer services team waiting to assist you today.
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