Toilet Paper…Who needs it?

May 29th, 2015

Do you know exactly what your usable paper product spend is?


Today’s post is by Alyson Usserman, Project Manager at SafeSourcing.

Usable Paper Products can result in a massive spend category, does this sound like your company?

Usable paper products can be a company’s highest spend category because it typically goes unmonitored. If you are a retailer with public bathrooms, you could be paying hundreds of thousands  of dollars a year  to maintain the usable products within the bathrooms.

When sourcing usable bathroom products and toilet paper, the specification can be pretty standard depending  if you utilize coreless toilet paper rolls or not. Sourcing bathroom products can still be complex depending on the nature of the spend. Are you currently using more than one supplier? Can your janitorial staff couple this with their supplies and lower the cost of their services? Do you have space to store the additional cases.

These questions become vital when sourcing usable products like toilet paper. Are you over paying?

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