The benefits of an eNewsletter!

June 8th, 2015

Are you effectively communicating to your employees and customers? An eNewsletter could be your answer!


Today’s post is from our SafeSourcing Archive.

Communication with employees, business partners, customers and vendors is not a new concept and the growing popularity of electronic communication channels are familiar to most people that use the internet.  What has become a valuable tool and channel of communication are eNewsletters sent via email and companies that specialize in this service can expand the value you can get from them beyond just the lower cost to create them.

In today’s blog we will explore a few of those other qualities that can be leveraged with an eNewsletter program whether run internally or externally with a 3rd party vendor.

Data Validation – One of the most important features of any marketing project is to obtain and maintain quality contact information.  Unlike other forms of communication, email provides instant feedback on what data is valid and what is not.  A good eNewsletter company will provide the services not only to design and distribute your content but also to manage the quality of the contact information you are using in that distribution; updating it when necessary to keep it valuable.

Immediate Interaction – eNewsletters provide a clear path to interactivity between you and the users you are trying to connect with.  Embedded links, videos, surveys and feedback forms when managed by your eNewsletter team, offer a fresh and impactful way to establish loyalty and relationships with your customers, employees and vendors.

Direct Ties and Monitoring to Marketing Programs – 3rd party providers that can handle your eNewsletter needs will tell you that the greatest way to increase the effectiveness of what you send out is to tie it directly into your other Marketing programs.  They will help you tie discount and loyalty programs into the use and readership of your eNewsletter in ways that will make both pieces stronger.

User Specific content – Unlike the historic printed newsletter that had “one-size-fits-all” content, eNewsletters can be distributed with slightly different versions depending on whether they are going to your employees, employees of your partners, your current customers or potential customers.  Having a good marketing focused team to help with this content will allow the message to feel personal and will increase the ways each of these groups uses the content.

For more information on how we can help you find tools or partners to begin your company’s eNewsletter campaign, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative or download our most current eNewsLetter.

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