Cutting Jobs to Cut Cost is NOT always the RIGHT Answer?..

June 10th, 2015

When a company cuts jobs, it not only puts stress on the people whom are losing their jobs??


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The first thing that seems to come to mind? for Many companies when faced with financial struggles is cutting jobs in order to save money. For this author, this is not always the best decision for the company even though it is almost always the largest expense on the P&L.

When a company cuts jobs, it not only puts stress on the people whom are losing their jobs, but it also puts stress on the company and employees that remain. These employees have to work harder to accomplish the same amount of work. The workload does not change when cutting jobs, so now an employee has to take on the workload of former co-workers who were laid off in order to get the job done. This can put additional stress on these employees and result in them not accomplishing their best work.

When a company is faced with financial struggles, a company like SafeSourcing could come in and potentially save some of these jobs.? I have personally seen SafeSourcing? save? companies? hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars by? assisting them in the? purchase of? materials, supplies and services they need and use every day? in order to run their business. For example, copy paper, printer ink, POS paper, etc. SafeSourcing can help you source any product, good, service, you name it.

If you were to contact SafeSourcing in order to help you save money, you may not have to cut those jobs and could even potentially add jobs to the company. I?ve seen this first hand.

Contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative for more money-saving details.

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