Learning How to Increase Morale in Your Employees Without Breaking the Bottom Line? Part 2 of 2

September 30th, 2015

From the previous blog, you have seen several reasons of what can cause employee morale to drop!


Today’s post is written by Heather Powell, Director of the Customer Focus Team & Project Manager at SafeSourcing Inc

From the previous blog, you have seen several reasons of what can cause employee morale to drop, but now you want to learn how to increase the employee morale and not spend a fortune doing it.








Here are 11 ideas to recognize employees without spending a penny!From the bambooHR’s Reward vs. Recognition: Do you know when to use which motivator slide show.

  1. Send a personal note.
  2. Say a sincere “thank you”
  3. Recognize in a meeting and/or applaud
  4. Send a shout-out on a social site
  5. Mention their success in a speech or presentation
  6. Give a long lunch or get-out-of-work free day
  7. Have a higher manager say thanks
  8. Swap tasks with them
  9. Give a team lead role or title promotion
  10. Offer flex hours or work-from-home options
  11. Create a “Wall of Fame” or white board.

While all of these are great ideas, the biggest is saying Thank You. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, wanted, and welcome. Gold stars, high fives, pats on the back, atta-boy/girls go a long way in those feelings of appreciation.

The slideshow mentioned above gives the following statistics and quotes:

  • “Employee recognition is the number one factor when motivating employees in the workplace.”
  • “69% of employees would work hard if they were better recognized.”
  • “82% of employees find it annoying when they are not recognized for the accomplishments they contribute to the team and the company.”
  • “Did you know employees want some form of recognition ever work day? Yet only 12% of employees say they often receive appreciation for great work.”
  • “You have to use recognition again and again to build people up. It is one of the many tools and practices to each manager to boost people up and elevate work performance.”- Barbara Ann Corcoran, Shark Tank

To quote Jayson Demers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom,” To some business owners, “office morale” seems like a term invented by employees who simply want to have more fun at work. However, it’s a very important characteristic of any workplace and one that can be measured and improved. Low office morale can wreck total productivity, while high office morale can keep everyone not only productive but happy and fulfilled in their work.”

Happy employees do equal a happy and successful business.

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