No regrets.

March 25th, 2016

There’s no reward for inaction. Take it from me.


Today’s post is by Dave Wenig, who was recently pleased to find some savings in his mailbox.

This week, I opened my mailbox to find our first check from an online cash back program. You’ve probably heard of these. They promise cash back for the purchases you’re already making. That’s a concept that really hits home for me.

I believe my number one priority is making sure my clients are saving money. It’s an oversimplified statement, but it’s true. In our business, ROI is very much dependent upon the savings that our customers enjoy though the use of our e-Procurement solutions. When a client’s online Request for Quote (RFQ) is a “Grand Slam,” which means they saved over 25%, the excitement is incredible and the effort is a success. Fortunately, this happens often.

If you have a Source-to-Pay or a Procure-to-Pay strategy, but you’re not utilizing e-Procurement as part of that strategy, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to save money on products and services that you’re already buying. Even without a formal strategy in place, e-Procurement will significantly reduce your spend.

Personally, I regret that I didn’t try a cash back program sooner and I don’t want you to have similar regrets. If you’re responsible for reducing spend, consider what an additional 30-40% reduction would mean for you.

Dave Wenig is a Regional Sales Manager at SafeSourcing and is a devoted champion of saving money. As Dave suggests, avoid regret and contact SafeSourcing to see how much adding e-Procurement to your sourcing projects will save your organization. For more information, please contact a SafeSourcing representative.


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