Make sure that you are not being shunned by your procurement team!

April 8th, 2016

Well actually, I really mean that you need to make sure you are not being TIONED. But there are similarities!

The numbers of words that end in TION are in the thousands . According to Wikipedia to be shunned is to modify the behavior of a member. Another definition that probably better suits the purposes of this post is from Wiktionary is, the act by which something is shunned; avoidance.

The reason for my play on words (SHUN versus TION) is to call attention to a similar practice of continually offering objections to processes that are advanced, modern and return greater results than more traditional procurement methodologies. Think of it as a form of enlightenment, which in its own right caused a lot of the other type of shunning over the course of history.

You might even call these OBJECTIONS. Have you ever heard any of these?
1. We don’t believe in Reverse AUTIONS
2. This process does not support our TRADITIONS
3. We only have one or two OPTIONS
5. They don’t understand our CONFIGURATION
6. We have never been good at COLLABORATION
7. We already know how to get the best QUOTATION
8. We have the best prices in the NATION
9. We are under no OBLIGATION
10. We already have a handle on the best VALUATION
11. You can not guarantee our SATISFACTION
12. We know what we are doing and don’t need any procurement EVOLUTIONTION
13. This is nothing more than useless IMPROVOSATION
14. We won’t get better pricing just by  category CONSOLIDATION

There will always be people on your team that fight progress, don’t let them TION you. If you’d like someone to change your PERCEPTION, call a SafeSourcing customer services representative of an INTRODUCTION.

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