Are you ready for entrepreneurship in your business?

April 27th, 2016

Do you have Intrepreneurs in your company with the same desire and spirit?


Today’s post is by Christine McConnell, Account Manager at SafeSourcing

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Having team members that are Intrepreneurs (in house entrepreneurs) may be just as important to your company’s success.

Here’s a short quiz to get you thinking:

  • While working as part of a team, do you fade back or step up to the foreground?
    • I like to consider all input but would rather lead
    • I prefer being one of several leaders
    • I am always the leader
  • Are you a risk taker?
    • After I’ve done my research
    • No way Jose
    • Bring it on I’ll try anything
  • How easily do you get stressed out?
    • I only stress under real pressure
    • Every little thing can freak me out
    • I never let ‘em see me sweat
  • What are your views on competition?
    • Crush them
    • Ignore them
    • Collaborate with them
  • What is your main motivation?
    • I have a product/service that is new to the market space
    • I want to get rich quick
    • I’ve always dreamed of being my own boss
  • How do you handle rejection?
    • If it’s not happening I’ll throw in the towel
    • I never give up… it’s a numbers game
    • I go back to the drawing board
  • What is the key to success?
    • Luck: being in the right space at the right time
    • Having the best product /business plan
    • It’s all about passion and persistence
  • What is your money management style?
    • Just call me Frugal Frannie
    • Hey Big Spender
    • It’s a struggle but I‘m working on it
  • What is your work style?
    • I am real worker bee
    • I pride myself on working smarter not harder
    • Party on Garth
  • Do you believe in luck?
    • Yes I do (fingers crossed)
    • I believe that you create your own luck
    • I think that you can be prepared for “lucky” opportunities

So how do you score the quiz? You simply think long and hard about your answers, examine your work style and motivations, and look deep into your heart because at the end of the day only YOU can decide if you’re ready to commit to entrepreneurship. Be completely honest about your responses. Ask yourself: why do I truly want to be an entrepreneur? Again, there is no correct answer. However if you answered “I’m a big spender who wants to get rich quick” then you could be in it for the wrong reasons. Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging life goals you’ll ever take on, so having the right motivation to get you through the tough times will be crucial. Good luck out there!

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