Why are there so many kids outside?

July 21st, 2016

If you haven’t already heard there’s a new app taking the world by storm!


Today’s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at SafeSourcing.

If you haven’t already heard there’s a new app taking the world by storm. Pokémon Go is a new free application that can be downloaded to Android and iOS.  According to an article on Forbes.com on July 11th, 2016, the application has at least 7.5M US downloads on iOS and Android (Google Play only) since early Thursday, with $1.6M in daily revenue in Apple’s iOS store alone.  The application is free to play, but purchases can be made within the application to improve player’s experience.  The object of the game is to capture, train, and battle virtual Pokémon while roaming around your town or neighborhood using the location-based augmented reality application.

There’s one positive side effect coming from the playing the game that kids may not realize and that is the app is getting them outside and exercising, which is the opposite of most of the games they are used to playing. I can attest to this because I have two children that downloaded the app last evening and have already caught the Pokémon Go fever.  Since it’s summer vacation, they usually sleep in but they were up by 8 this morning and roaming the neighborhood for wild Pokémon.  I’m not sure how long this craze will last but it pleases me to see they’re having fun and enjoying the outside like my generation.

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