Making, Not Losing Money on Trash

September 2nd, 2016

Do you know everything you need to about your trash disposal to maximize its benefit to your company?


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Every year businesses are moving waste out of their building that becomes part of the $18 billion dollar industry for other companies.   While they continue to pay millions of dollars to have their trash removed, other companies are reaping that unclaimed money and generating huge profits.  The problem is that most companies don’t realize the potential money they are losing and even fewer know the steps that could be taken to easily begin capturing some of this revenue for themselves.

Ask the experts  – The first thing most companies need to realize whether it is in IT, HR, operations, or Waste Removal, is that they do what they do well but they aren’t experts in everything.  Consulting with a 3rd party expert on how the company is structured and how it handles waste can lead to great solutions that can equal a revenue stream back to the company.  Many times these consultants will work for a small contingent percentage of what the company makes back by using their recommendations.  Many times they will offer to work with the employees at different locations to help educate them as well.  These consultants will be able to explain how to separate one category of trash from another and what affect that can have on a bottom line.

Understand the trash – Frequently businesses don’t develop strong recycling programs because they don’t understand their own trash and what makes some more valuable than other and how doing simple things like keeping certain recycled materials separated from other types can almost double the revenue the company can get back.  Comingled recycled material, even if it is two types that have high revenue potential attached to them (corrugated and stretch wrap material), pays much less than the same products if they are picked up already separated.  This is due to the cost the recyclers pass onto the company for having to manually sort what is picked up.   Understanding the business and its waste will help prioritize the rollout of any program based on the highest revenue potential.

Top down effort – No matter how a company plans to attack its waste for revenue potential, it must developed into an educational program that hits at every level from the CEO down.  Without the buy-in at the top, the people who will eventually be responsible for executing the plan will never treat the program seriously.  Many companies will even attach performance reviews and incentives to their employees/departments/divisions who return large revenue streams back to the company.  Working with an independent consultant or your normal waste removal company can help with this step.

Developing a strong recycling program can not only benefit a company financially but is also seen as a positive aspect of doing business with the company by potential partners and customers.   For more information on how we can help you understand the options for getting assistance with developing this type of program or on our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.  We have an entire customer services team waiting to assist you today.

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