October 27th, 2016

What is ullage? Envision the top of a bottle of wine.


Today’s post is by Tyler Walther; Account Manager at SafeSourcing. Tyler is adding to the SafeSourcing Wiki and defining ullage.

Doing research for my blog today I came across a word I did not know; ullage. What is ullage? It is the free space above a liquid or other content in a container and the “full” level. Envision the top of a bottle of wine.

Many liquids or chemicals will expand during storage. This becomes important particularly in shipping for two principal reasons. The expansion of the liquid or chemical requires pressure relief valves. With many pressurized tanks the load cannot be to capacity because the pressure relief valves will not work when in contact with liquids. In dry loads, such as grain, or liquid bulk cargo, ullage allows the load to shift as the ship kneels from one side to another. This allows for greater stability in the vessel in which a full capacity load would not.

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