How to Determine the Best Bid

March 6th, 2017

Today’s post is by Gayl Southard, Administrative Consultant for SafeSourcing.

After six years, our house needed to be repainted. This can be an overwhelming process.  Picking the right painting crew, the type of paint to be used, the prep process, and warranty are all important aspects to be considered.

There is really no difference in sourcing and evaluating vendors to paint your home than there is for a business. However the percentage of your income that is spent on this task may be much higher than it is for a public or private company. All the more reason to ask the correct questions the 1st time around so that everything is covered in your vendor’s proposal.

The following information should be helpful and get you off to a good start.

  1.  Why do some five-year old paint jobs peel and flake while others look like they were applied last week. The simple answer is quality paint and a properly prepped surface. Consumers have a wide range of paint to choose from -nationally known paint to locally produced paint.
  2. Oil paint versus water-based paint?       Water-based paint wins hands down for exterior paint jobs. The US Department of Agriculture Forest Product Laboratory (FPL) in Madison, Wisconsin, showed water-based paints expand and contract with siding.       They also allow water vapor generated inside the house to pass through the paint film. Oil-based paint dries to an inflexible coating that blocks moisture. Also, water-based paint is gentler to the environment because they are lower in volatile organic compounds.
  3. Because the cost to paint the exterior of your home is primarily labor, it makes sense to go with premium paint that offer a longer warranty.
  4. The proper prep process is important. Only prime if the paint has cracked or flaked. If you need to scrape to bare wood, then prime that area.
  5. Clean up. Your property needs to be cleaned up after it is painted. All tarps, taping material, and compounds used to fill in cracks needs to be removed from your property.
  6. Make sure you walk your property with your contractor to make sure you are both satisfied with the job. I used a painting company from a national referral company. The contractor is motivated to do a good job, as a survey is completed after the job is done. A bad review can seriously damage a contractor’s reputation.

When sourcing goods and/or services, SafeSourcing can provide you with all the information necessary to make a decision on a vendor. For more information on how we can help you with your procurement needs or on our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative We have a entire customer services team waiting to assist you.

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