Can a Smartwatch Improve Productivity?

October 26th, 2017

When smartwatches were first introduced.......


Today’s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at SafeSourcing.

When smartwatches were first introduced, many people were interested because of the ability to track fitness using various apps.  Now with the more sophisticated smartwatches and apps being introduced, they can be used to help improve one’s productivity as well.  Having a smartwatch gives you the ability to keep updated without having to reach for your phone.  For example, you can set the watch to vibrate and whenever you receive a phone call, text, email or calendar reminder, the watch will vibrate and the notification will appear on the screen with the available options for that notification.  Some of the devices allow you to adjust the vibration, as well as set up custom vibrations for certain types of notifications.  Setting the device to vibrate also allows for discreet notifications that can be used when in meetings or other settings without disturbing others.

Having a smartwatch can help you do things more quickly when it comes to keeping updated when you are on the go. It allows you to answer texts and phone calls without digging around for your phone.  Making a call may seem odd at first, but when paired with Bluetooth headphones, it is no different than using the actual phone.  Responding to a text can be done easily by selecting a preprogrammed response by using voice to text. Some devices allow you to write your response with a function called scribble.

There are also a lot of downloadable apps that can be used to be more productive as well.  There are apps that use text to speech that allow you to quickly add notes and items using your voice.  So when you are out and about and something comes to mind, instead of trying to keep a mental note, you can add it to the list for later review.  Some of the apps will also show the list of items that allow you to search, review and edit them as well.  Below is a list of the common functionality found on most smartwatches:

  • Make and Receive Phone Calls
  • Send and Receive Texts
  • Check your Calendar
  • Get Directions
  • Check Weather
  • Help You Stay Fit
  • Set Alarms and be Alerted of Alarms
  • Control Wifi Enabled Devices
  • Check the Time and Date

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