Telephone Skills 101

July 3rd, 2018

The world has gotten smaller with technology.....


Today’s post is by Gayl Southard, Administrative Consultant, SafeSourcing.

The world has gotten smaller with technology. You can be connected around the globe in seconds by computers and telephones. Businesses can reach people in seconds that were entirely inaccessible years ago.  The phone may be best tool available.  That being said, why are we so bad at it.  Here are some techniques to consider when making a call.

  • When your call is answered, ask if this is a good time to talk. Get the name of the person that answers the call. Use their name when speaking with them.
  • You want to answer the call on the second or third ring. Speak slowly and articulate what you are saying. If you switch to speakerphone, make sure your connection is still acceptable. Focus on the caller, do not interrupt. Make sure your cell phone ringer is off.
  • Make sure you are not eating or chewing gum. Do not shuffle papers.
  • Your voice should be pleasant when answering a call. Some people recommend smiling when you answer a call. You want to make sure your customers feel they are important.
  • Try to start all calls with good news, even if you have bad news to report.
  • Have an agenda that you wish to accomplish.
  • Start early in your career to keep track of 100-300 most important people in your network. Keeping track of people’s birthdays can really help a sales person. People like to be acknowledged and remembered.
  • Call ahead to make sure your customer is there before making a cold call.
  • When leaving a message start with your name, day, date, and time and guarantee you will call back in 24 hours. Set aside a specific time to return calls each day.


Harvey MacKay, AZCentral, 4/9/2018

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