Personal relationships are critical for successful business

July 27th, 2018

The importance of a personal relationship with colleagues, clients....


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The importance of a personal relationship with colleagues, clients, and suppliers in our world of social networking, emailing, and text messaging.

We are guilty of quickly pressing the “Reply” button on an email. How often do you consider picking up the phone? Social media, text messaging, email, and Instant Messaging applications are all frequently used and accepted methods of communicating in today’s technology driven business.

None of these methods of communication give you the trust earning cues that voice tone, eye contact, or posture can give you. Of course, technology has made us more efficient, we can get more done, in less time. However, this efficiency does not necessarily lead to the trust that is required for a prosperous business relationship. It takes less time to reply to that email but if you pick up the phone, walk to their desk, or visit them, there will be substantial benefits.

We have witnessed suppliers lose business over the personal relationship, not realizing its impact. Think of all of the business deals that have been closed on only a handshake. That is not possible without trust. It is important to get out and visit your customers and suppliers to keep them engaged. When travel is not possible, try calling them before you send that text or respond to that email. You will find that your relationships with your customers, suppliers, and colleagues will drastically improve.

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