Working Like It’s 1999 Can Still Help You in Business

March 14th, 2019

Starting a business in 1999 is a lot different than starting and running a business in 2019


Today’s post is by Gayl Southard, Administrative Consultant at SafeSourcing, Inc.

Starting a business in 1999 is a lot different than starting and running a business in 2019. In 1999, Google was just launching and people searching for businesses relied on the Yellow Pages. Social media hadn’t been thought of and the iPhone wouldn’t be invented for another decade. Heck, the first millennials were just entering kindergarten!

Looking back twenty years, Rhonda Abrams, a columnist for USA Today, reflected on some of the resolutions she made in 1999 and how they are still relevant today.

  1. Keep Learning. Attend trade shows, read journals, attend seminars. Your brain is your most important asset.
  2. Keep Priorities Straight. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive. Make a list of a few items that make a difference in succeeding and failing both in business, as well as your personal life.
  3. Keep in Contact With Former Clients. Find a way to communicate with both current and past customers at least two or three times a year. Former clients are a great asset.
  4. Use Technology Better. Perhaps moving your contact list from paper to digital files.
  5. Know When to Not Use Technology. Every day find time to turn off technology and interact with people and get in touch with yourself.
  6. Throw Stuff Out. Get rid of old files. Transfer stuff off your computer and put it on a zip drive.
  7. Back up Data. Today files can be moved to the cloud and backed up automatically.
  8. Reflect. Stop and think what you’re doing, what you’re saying, and how you are saying it. This is so important in our busy lives. Take a breath, pause and reflect.

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