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January 23rd, 2020

Athletes, not just the big ones, like baseball and football, but in all kinds of sports ….



Today’s Post is by Eli Razov, Senior Account Manager at SafeSourcing Inc.

Athletes, not just the big ones, like baseball and football, but in all kinds of sports can make great additions to your company. Being a current Rugby player for a local club, I may be a little biased but I believe that athletes are a great addition to any team. With many reasons to consider, here are four traits that athletes possess that you should look for in potential employees:

They know how to work in teams

Just about anyone that has competed in a team sport has had to learn how to play with teammates. Whether they’re pros or amateurs, without that essential skill, they will not have got very far. Because of this familiarity with teamwork and collaboration, athletes are also often natural born leaders in the workplace, rallying co-workers when the going gets tough and offering help and support.

They have taught themselves to be resilient 

From experience, I can attest to the resilience needed to succeed in sports. You can have the greatest game plan in history, but things will almost never turn out the way you expect. You will make mistakes, give up goals, and lose points. You can’t, however, dwell on these missteps. If you want to win (and not let your teammates down), you need to overcome adversity quickly. More importantly, if you want to become a better player, you need to learn how to embrace these off-plan detours. Everyone makes mistakes, but the difference between success and failure often comes down to how you deal with those mistakes.

Athletes are coachable 

When you’re building your business, you need a team that can take feedback, learn from it, and immediately put it in action. Athletes are receptive for this coaching because they are happy that leadership cares enough to help them grow. Athletes want to be coached and understand that to be the best, they need to learn from the best.

They’re usually hard workers 

When an athlete doesn’t succeed, they don’t just throw in the towel. They look for weaknesses and problems in their game and then work even harder. What happens when they do succeed? They often work even harder, if only to stay on top.

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