Warranty Work! Or any other Service?

June 23rd, 2020


Today’s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at SafeSourcing.

 I decided to repost this BLOG from about 5 years ago because having a home warranty has again saved us several thousand dollars. This time we were having trouble with our air conditioning system. The warranty company sent out a technician and without the home warranty we would have had to pay over $2,000. But since we do have the warranty we only had to pay the $100 deductible.

Do you own a home or are looking to buy one? If so you may want to consider purchasing a home warranty. A home warranty covers numerous items around the house with a small service fee. When you have an issue you call the company and they will send out one of their approved service providers to diagnose the problem. If the item can be fixed, the service provider will fix the item and if it cannot then it will be submitted to the warranty company for replacement. If this was a major component such as a heating and air conditioning unit, having the warranty could save you thousands of dollars. Below are a few items that may be covered by a warranty.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Water Heater
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Appliances
  • Garage Doors / Garage Openers

There are many companies out there that offer warranties, so be sure to read the contracts carefully and make sure you understand what items are covered and which are excluded. If you would like some help finding the best warranty for your home, we can gather all the necessary information for you and help you decide which option meets your needs. If you would like more information on how SafeSourcing can help you, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service representative.  We have an entire team ready to assist you today.


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