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September 10th, 2020

Procurement Professionals: What tools do you have at your fingertips?


Todays post is from Ron Southard, CEO at SafeSourcing Inc.

In today’s world, sourcing and procuring the best product or service for your company has never been more challenging. Connecting with reliable suppliers is no easy task. Safety scares and product quality issues have made it more difficult than ever to obtain the peace of mind that you and your customer expect. What’s more, the universal demand to reduce our carbon footprint has skyrocketed in importance to individuals and businesses creating its own unique requirements and opportunities.

Accomplishing all of these important objectives at a price that’s right seems complicated, if not impossible. Combine that with increased time constraints and a workforce functioning with limited awareness of additional sources of supply and specifications for the products they are sourcing and you have a global procurement climate that can produce more than a few headaches, day in and day out.

An innovative alternative is SafeSourcing Inc. Our SafeSourceIt™ Procure to Pay family of solutions is loaded with efficient and comprehensive tools and programs that turn the procurement process into a highly productive endeavor. SafeSourcing is, literally, a one-stop shopping center.

Our clients have access to:

  • The entire SafeSourceIt™ Procure to Pay suite of solutions including our  popular  Reverse Auction Tools that can be used for all your sourcing needs including new contract purchases, spot buys, replenishment, aggregation, and collaboration with other buying organizations.
  • SafeSourceIt™ Supplier Database, an international 427,000 supplier database, which is specifically designed for ease-of-use. This unique database includes safety and eco controls and is one of the largest of its kind.

The SafeSourceIt Family of Procure to Pay Products and Services Includes:

  • SafeSourceIt™ eSourcing suite, SafeContract™, SafePO™, SafeCatalog™, SafeSurvey™, SafeDocument™ and SafeDashboard™.
  • Safety in Sourcing, a blog with daily updates and comments from your peers.
  • Sourcing WIKI, which includes thousands of procurement terms and definitions.
  • The SafeSourceIt™ Product and Services Specification Library
  • Daily Safety Alerts from the USDA, FDA, ISO, and other standards-creating agencies.

Our Goal is to keep the constant demands of your job at a minimum with our help.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact a SafeSourcing customers services professional and be sure to ask about our risk free trial.




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