In procurement as in life, research is always your best First Step

December 8th, 2020

Our associate recently decided to build his own computer!


Today’s post is from our archives at SafeSourcing.

An associate of ours recently decided to build my own computer, not buy one from a big box store. Overall you get better performance and it is cheaper by comparison. So with my limited knowledge of building a new PC he set out on an adventure.  Once he finally sat down to start filling his cart, he was met with so many options, and no explanation as to which one was best. He was on a quest to research and find the best product.

What he thought was going to be a day one purchase, turned into a week of finding the right items that fit together. As he learned, a mother board can only accept a certain processor brand. So that 60 dollar well reviewed motherboard, turned out couldn’t accept an AMD processor, and DDR3 RAM like he wanted. In fact a simple PC or Tablet contains dozens of products that can all be sourced or influence your final price based on the commodity level you intend to purchase at.  In the end this process was much like his work and he found that his work life was having a positive influence on his personal life.

Here at SafeSourcing, we are experienced in finding all the necessary information to build specifications based on our customers’ needs. We take all the information about a product or a category, and immerse ourselves in the data that is needed to build exactly what a customer wants. And some times that means every line item depending on the unique sourcing strategy such as SafeSourcing’s unique decile based sourcing strategy. Along with finding the right information for specifications, we also find the vendors that can handle your exact needs. With events as complicated as building a computer (trust us, it is complicated) we can handle all the needs for purchasing a product for your company. Contact us here at SafeSourcing at 888-261-9070 so we can build a great event for you to maximize your savings.

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