Normal Procurement for Unusual Needs

December 21st, 2020

Procurement practices are beginning to be applied to the items and services needed because of the pandemic.



Today’s post is by Dave Wenig, Senior Vice President of Sales and Services at  SafeSourcing

All companies, big and small, have had to make adjustments to the way they operate their business in 2020. For those that have survived or even thrived, the adjustments are ongoing. One adjustment that we’re seeing more of lately is an adjustment back toward normal practices.

There are still items and services that are challenging to source. PPE and sanitizers are sometimes a challenge. Certain paper supplies like bathroom tissue can be as well. The challenges become apparent in cost increases and limited availability. With certain services, the challenges are centered around resources and new restraints placed around how services can be provided.

These challenges have caused buyers to purchase outside of their normal models and without following best practices. This has led to higher pricing and more variance in specifications, but was done in order to remain in business.

Now that we have all had time to settle into our new operational realities, we’re seeing improvements in a return to normal practices. We’re having more and more conversations and hosting more RFx Events about bringing some of these ongoing needs back into the standard procurement practices including using RFx Events.

While it is understandable that in times of great need and urgency those processes weren’t followed, now is the time to get back on track for your future needs. You will be surprised just how much the markets have changed recently in favor of the buyer.

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