The Buyer in All of Us VII Part Series Summary Regardless

January 14th, 2021

Procurement Leaders! What type of a buyer are you personally and professionally? What about your team?


Today’s post is assembled by Ron Southard, CEO at SafeSourcing based on data from our white papers and past blogs at SafeSourcing Inc.

Regardless of what type of personal buyer or corporate buyer you are, or even if you are a combination of any of the five, the goal should still be to prepare and create savings and value where you have the resources to do it. Some companies will have more time and resources to invest and others, due to circumstances, will make the time and resources to do it. There are ways to improve buying habits, not matter the type of buyer. Through better understanding of the types of buyers, the better equipped a company is when trying to make better decisions. By analyzing the kind of buyer, a company has now, the better the buying will be in the future, allowing for a more rounded and beneficial process. Paying close attention now to how and where money in a company is spent, the better prepared that company will be if it should ever need to make spending adjustments. The best way to prevent future problems is by being proactive and seeing where problems may lie in the future. Looking for potential problems now could potentially make the difference whether a company survives hard times or not. By noticing the kind of buyer your company has, the better a company can watch spend and know that the best possible process is in place. This is one big way a company can become more grounded, create better relationships, and know they are saving money in the best way they can.

If you are interested in the White Paper titled “The Buyer in All of Us” that was the basis of this series, please click the link and scroll down to download it with our compliments.

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