How should companies determine value? Part III of III.

March 16th, 2021

Here's why our customers and associates are passionate about SafeSourcing.


Yesterday I asked you to check back today for Part III of this post to learn why our customers and associates are passionate about SafeSourcing

Today’s post is by Ron Southard founder and CEO of SafeSourcing.

I originally published thisĀ  three part series seven years ago. In todays environment it is as important as ever. Please Enjoy

We launched our company SafeSourcing overĀ  12 years ago. Our goal during that time was to bring passion and commitment to the procure to pay process. I was in a meeting with a customer a few weeks back and asked if they would be adding additional staff to support the work we do together. The answer was not directly to the procurement team, but because of the work we do together; other departments will be able to benefit by maintaining headcount that might not have otherwise. This may not be job creation, but it certainly is job preservation. The customer I was speaking to has also added a number of associates both temporary and full time to support the work we do together over the last several years and we have added several associates to support this customer alone. So, we have created jobs for our customer, preserved jobs for our customer, created jobs for our company and saved our customer millions of dollars at the same time. I can’t think of a better value equation and if that’s not meaningful work I’m not sure what is.

Procurement in general may not be the profession of choice for many, however it is a place that associates can be passionate about if the trickle down is explained and reinforced properly. In today’s world, who would not be passionate about helping to create or retain jobs, improve product and food safety and support a better environmental footprint?

There may even be more than a few folks running for public office at the highest level today that could be significantly more successful with their approach if they could prove that their desire is to do the same, albeit in a much larger footprint. It’s easy to be passionate yourself; it’s much more difficult to ignite that same passion in others. When you do, then you have real value.

If you would like to work with a team that is passionate about procurement to help your team find their passion, please contact a SafeSourcing customer services representative or ask us for an executive reference. You won’t be sorry that you did.


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