Morale and Productivity

June 15th, 2021

This is good repost by Margaret in todays post COVID office.



Today’s post is by Margaret Stewart, Director of HR and Administration at SafeSourcing Inc.

It is often said that happy employees are productive employees and productive employees are happy employees. So, how do the two affect each other and why? We will look at what kinds of things promote better morale and what can boost productivity.

Morale – First, morale is enthusiasm, ability, and confidence of a group. This means if your organization’s team is able, confident, and hopeful then their morale is high. If morale is high, your team is likely pretty happy with what they are doing. However, is morale is low, you may find your employees lacking motivation and drive. So, how can you boost morale? Below are a just a few ways to help morale when it seems low:

  • Talk to your employees – this may seem simple, but it gives everyone a chance to say whatever is on their mind and also opens up a line of communication that might otherwise be unused.
  • Give positive feedback – this one is essential to keeping happy employees. Giving positive feedback shows someone what they have done well and what they should do more. Small wins in the workplace are still wins and can encourage more positive behavior in the long run.
  • Be a teacher – when something doesn’t go the way expected or desired, being a teacher and giving positive advice on how to handle it and what methods could help. This is a morale boosting way of addressing a problem without placing blame or outright accusing one of erring.

While we may all want our employees to be happy simply because we value each person’s happiness, there are more reasons to help boost morale. The two are, in fact, correlated. While low morale can cause job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and affect turnover, high morale can do the opposite. A happy employee is more likely to stay longer with a company, is more dedicated, and is more productive. On top of all of this, they can help boost the morale of other employees, helping to boost morale of an organization as a whole, increasing retention and productivity.

Another great way of boosting morale in a company is when the company itself is doing well and one particularly great way to help a company is by implementing a procurement partner. Every company has things they need to buy and source and a procurement partner can help your employee’s morale by providing assistance, expertise, resources, and results that can help everyone involved

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