Is Your Sourcing a Trick or Treat!

October 15th, 2021

With the approaching Trick or Treat and Halloween season.................................


Today’s blog is by Margaret Stewart, Director of HR, and Administration at SafeSourcing Inc.

With the approaching Trick or Treat and Halloween season, families may be planning their costumes, parties, and sweet treats. Perhaps you are trying to coordinate all of the above. If you have ever looked around to find the exact things you need – from spooky, scary skeletons to bubbling, green-lit cauldron decorations – you will likely try to find the best deal on the things you need.  Unless you have a knack for magic, you are likely doing what many businesses do too – procure.

While you may go from hobby shop to hobby shop looking for glow in the dark spray paint and cotton to string through your yard as decorative spider webs, a business may do something similar with their items, be it napkins, cups, or overhead logo fluorescent signs. Both of these acts are types of sourcing and trying to find the right thing at the right price from the right place. Ultimately, the more often you source your supplies, the more familiar you may become with who has what and where the best values might be. Just like the Price is Right, if you watch the products and prices enough, you will be able to know what reasonable prices are for different products. This is where a procurement partner can help businesses efforts. A procurement partner, like SafeSourcing, has the experience and knowledge in order to help you find the products you need from vendors that are a right fit at a price you want. This coordination is how SafeSourcing does its e-procurement – and it is no trick, but rather quite a treat.

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