Amusement Park

January 19th, 2022

When reflecting on the last two or so years since the emergence of Covid-19


Today’s blog is by Margaret Stewart, Director of HR, and Administration at SafeSourcing.

When reflecting on the last two or so years since the emergence of Covid-19 and thinking about all the many things that have happened and changed since then, the best image I can use to express what this whole time has been like would be an amusement park (albeit a pretty unamusing one). There are a number of different ways an (un)amusement park and our world now are metaphorically similar.

First, it’s easy to get lost. Amusement parks are often pretty large, with endlessly winding roads and new shops and attractions around each bend. It’s difficult to navigate through the maze just as it is difficult to traverse through the world now with so many twists and turns. You may find yourself wandering around, looking for a good place to stop, only to find you are back where you started except no way out. Much of Covid-19 has been like this for so many people and there no gleaming exit sign to show us the way to go.

Second, it’s unpredictable. With each new twist and turn in amusement parks as well as Covid life, we can only guess what we think the future might hold and what will be coming next. Just like the roller coasters that go up and down, all around and back again, the market for so many goods or services (or even companies like GameStop) have been completely unpredictable. Many people have struggled to find things that they normally would an abundance of, like toilet paper in Covid life or just a toilet for amusement park life.

Third, it’s exhausting. With so much uncertainty and the inability to find rest both since covid and at amusement parks, naturally we grow weary of it. We may want things to change and go back to normal, but for now we can reminisce about days before Covid or amusement parks and look forward to a time when normalcy returns. Until then, we must keep striving on and doing the best we can, but there is some help out there. A procurement partner, like SafeSourcing can help you navigate the chaos of the market and help to source the goods or services that you have not been able to find.

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