Is your company active in the Crypto Currency Space? Should you be?

January 24th, 2022

Do you have FOMO? You probably should!


Today’s re-post is very time;y by Ronald D. Southard, CEO at SafeSourcing Inc.

At SafeSourcing we can now accept Crypto Currency Payments and we invest in Crypto Currency. It is not as easy as everyone thinks. In our case we could take payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. At the moment we are just accepting BTC. We could add more easily but will not until we understand the risk models.

When looking at our balance sheet, it just seems insane to not invest in an asset class that has averaged over 100% growth for over 10 years and represents a store of value that you cannot get in stocks or any other asset class and certainly not in cash. I will tell you that I have spent an unusually large amount of time trying to understand this class of assets. First it was just learning the language, much of which is slang from traditional investing language. Once I thought that I understood the terminology, I began to look at floor models, stock to flow models and growth targets compared to existing asset classes like Real Estate, Gold etc.

Just as a primer, here are some terms that you will want to know as a starting point.

  1. Mint
  2. HODL
  3. DEFI
  4. NFT
  5. Altcoin
  6. Fiat
  7. Blockchain
  8. Ethereum 2.0
  9. Exchange
  10. Mining
  11. Bitcoin
  12. FOMO

There are a number of great educational offerings in the space with explanations and ongoing discussions and education. YouTube and Twitter are both reliable sources. Here are a few folks that I like to listen too with their Twitter Links. They are also easy to find on YouTube

  1. Michael Saylor
  2. Raou Pal
  3. PlanB
  4. Anthony Pompliano

At this point I am no expert on Crypto Currencies; however, I do have over one thousand hours of education and think I can help if required. If you like further information or would just like to discuss this topic further, please contact SafeSourcing and leave me a message. I will get it immediately and respond as required. Best of Luck.


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