Santa’s Logistics and the Carefully Laid Plans of Walnuts and Wise Men  

December 23rd, 2022

The unexpected logistics of Santa’s journey ‘round the world.


Today’s blog is from our SafeSourcing archives.

Did you ever notice how in Christmas movies that on the early hours of Christmas morning, Santa never jumps to the house next door? Instead, he hops back into his sleigh to drop off presents twenty miles eastward instead of taking the more efficient route of going next door. So, when he only has one work shift to get all the presents delivered, why is efficiency not his top priority?

Well, this is just my theory, but I think it is because he just does not have all the wish lists in on time! How many of your kids, when you ask for their Christmas list for Santa, just tell you, “Well, I dunno,” while other kids might have a detailed list, all in alphabetical order, sorted by multiple categories according to how badly they need it? Now, how long does it take for the lists to get to Santa, especially when it is Christmas Eve, and they finally remember what they want? Well, now Santa’s already at work with his carefully laid flight plan in place that little Timmy just forced an addendum on. So, thank you, Timmy, for giving us that scenic shot in nearly every Christmas movie ever made.

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