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January 12th, 2023

Establishing a maintenance schedule is the best way to protect your fleet.


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Establishing a maintenance schedule is the best way to protect your fleet. An experienced company will help this system work well. In addition to drivers, the system ensures maintenance and repair companies handle each vehicle properly.

Here are five tips for fleet maintenance:

  1. Schedule Inspections

Vehicles break down for multiple reasons, anything from accidents to undiagnosed wear and tear can stop a vehicle dead in its tracks. Addressing the issues can be easily resolved with regular scheduled inspections. These inspections help detect problems before the problem strikes. Regular inspections may seem like a waste of time and resources, but they easily save money overall. One small problem can snowball and create more issues in a vehicle. This can lead to expensive repairs that could have been avoided during an inspection. Always go for brake and tire-tread inspections. Check the engine, filters, oil, fuel, lights, and wheel alignment. Remember to test and replace the battery if necessary.

  1. Perform Tune-Ups and Cleanups

Tune up your engine to make it more efficient. This will increase the engine’s lifespan and improve its fuel and oil use. Moreover, it will boost the engine’s performance and prevent stalling or “knocking”. Second, wash the vehicle to remove dust and other particles. This dirt can damage your paint and expose the vehicle’s body to the elements. As a result, rust will form and start eating away at the metal. Also, use high-quality wax on the vehicle body to protect it from the sun’s effects.

  1. Get a Maintenance Checklist

Have a maintenance checklist as part of your system to ensure you don’t miss anything. This list should include the fuel, steering, suspension, brake, and electrical systems. It should also check the engine, tires, vehicle body, and potential fluid leaks.

  1. Do Immediate Repairs

Stay in touch with drivers to get views on potential truck problems. They know their vehicles well and they’ll know when there’s an issue. The important thing is to ensure you do repairs as soon as possible. You can get a mobile truck repair and servicing company to check what’s wrong. They send their technicians to review and solve the vehicle issue you are having. These immediate repairs will prevent bigger problems from arising.

  1. Install Fleet Maintenance Software

Get updated fleet maintenance software for your business. You can input all the details about your vehicles, such as mileage and servicing dates. This ensures you have all the information on the health of your vehicles. The software provides reports that show you are complying with safety regulations. It allows you to set reminders of when a specific vehicle should go for servicing. Plus, it will also help you when making a budget for fleet management.

SafeSourcing can help keep you on the road. By working alongside your Fleet and Vehicle managers we can help build preventative maintenance schedules and help lower repairs and equipment costs. For more information on how SafeSourcing can assist you or on our “Risk Free” trial program, please contact SafeSourcing  we have an entire team waiting to assist you today.





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